Inviting People Back to Church

Every congregation struggles with how to encourage people to attend worship. Some disappear and show no interest in coming back. Others show up occasionally.

We contact them and try to get them back. However, we know that they may come only after we push them to do so. If they are attending simply because, in their minds, we are “harassing them” and coming will “shut us up,” it is likely that very little is being accomplished.

I am preparing a mail-out to contact everyone that has visited us in the past two years to encourage them to return.

We live in a military community, so people are highly transient. Possibly none of them still live here. It is harder in a military community because no one is from here and they don’t have extended families. We are left with troops and their families, who aren’t here very long.

Whenever someone in a congregation asks the question, “How can we encourage people to attend worship?” I always smile. If I could answer that, I’d be the smartest man in the church because every other congregation is asking the same question.

What works for your congregation? I’ve worked with another congregation where we grew by keeping our visitors but that was significantly different than the community I now serve where people aren’t putting down roots.

What thoughts do you have on these important questions?




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