Inviting people

Years and years ago Doug and I attended a gospel meeting at the Luverne church of Christ in Luverne, AL and heard brother Mid McKnight preaching in a Gospel Meeting. He was talking about inviting people to the services of the church. He mentioned that there might be someone we have invited to church over and over again and they never would come. He said, “On the day of judgement they will wish you had invited them just one more time.”

A friend of mine gave a tract, “Searching for the Lord’s Church” by David Sain to her friend recently. Her friend read it and said she agreed with everything in it except about baptism. She said she doesn’t believe you have to be baptized to be saved. That disturbed my friend because she loves her friend very much. I tried to comfort her with, “(Name withheld), all we are asked to do is present the gospel to people. What they do with it is in their hands.” She put the gospel in her friend’s hands. She did what she could.

Nothing is sweeter than seeing an older couple lead their mate to the Lord, whether it is by the way they have lived before them or by a simple study of the Word of God. And then I have found it interesting to hear what people say after becoming a Christian or after coming up out of the waters of baptism. One lady exclaimed, “Praise the Lord!.” loudly.  A man recently said, “I should have done this a long time ago. I kept my first wife from going to church.”

It is a joyful thing to realize you have played a part in someone becoming a Christian. No doubt many have led others to Christ and never realized it was because of them that someone became a Christian.

Nothing is sadder than thinking that on the day of judgement someone might turn to us and say, “You never mentioned Him to me.” How sad.

So I pose the question to each of us: Are we doing what we can to lead others to Christ whether it be our family, loved ones, or friends?

Use us up in your service, Lord. Use us up.

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