Ireland, women, and baptisms

Roy Davison posted a wonderful story on BNc about a new congregation in Ireland. Jody Apple buzzed me about the other new congregation on the west coast, in Galway, and we’ve got a story up about it. The missionary’s last name is O’Rourke; can’t get much better than that.

Now if we could just get Colin Graham for an update and recent events.

The Christian Hub now has a section for women. We could still use some suggestions of sites and blogs by women and for women to include in that. Check the About page for the three short but restricting requirements for inclusion.

You’ve probably seen the big announcement elsewhere, but I’ll mention it here: Rick Kelley’s Baptism365 site is now a partner with We’re blessed to team up with him, since our goals are so similar.

Today promises good things. As I wrote yesterday on the UPLift/YourDaytoShine twitter: Today will basically be as good as you think it will be. Mind control is your primary task. Strengthening the heart trumps all.

And a last thought to brace your day, from Quick Bible Truths: Every thing in its place. And, with the gospel, every person in his position. “Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your slaves.” 2Co 4.5

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