Ironic Peace

Boy oh boy, what irony is found in 2 Peter 3:14!

“How so?” you may ask.

Well listen to what God’s apostle said to those who, along with himself, had obtained a like precious faith by the grace of God:

For this reason, my loved ones, as you are looking for these things, take great care that when he comes you may be in peace before him, free from sin and every evil thing.” (BBE)

“What’s so ironic about that?” you may continue to ask.

Well the irony is found in the fact that God’s messenger said what he said right on the heels of saying that this world was going to melt from the top down to the bottom with a devastation that pales only in comparison to the duration of Hell’s fire.

And I guess the irony is found in one more place too.

That peace of which Peter refers to…the peace that can be had in the face of such an intense and promised judgment comes via the Greek word “eirene” which would be pronounced i-ray’-nay.

Now unless you saw that coming, I guess you can see the irony of that particular peace.

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