Is there a church of Christ in this town

We enjoyed our trip to visit our daughter and her family in Ridgeland, MS this past week. On our way home we stopped at The Dinner Bell restaurant in Waynesboro, MS, to have lunch. Let me say it wasn’t a disappointment. 

I asked the waitress near the end of our visit, “Is there a church of Christ here?” She looked around and I could tell she didn’t know. She did the next best thing, she asked a man seated right behind me. “Yes,” he replied firmly as if she certainly should know. He continued, “It is right up here on highway 45.” I didn’t ask any further questions but found the conversation very interesting.

Does the Lord have a church in Geneva or your town? Let’s think about that for a few minutes.

  • Is the church known for its good works?
  • When people hear ‘the church of Christ’ do they immediately recognize it and know where it is located?
  • Does the church have a good name in the community?
  • Is the name of the church promoted in the community?
  • Does the church have a radio program, newspaper article, or other means to regularly teach the truth?
  • Is the church easy to locate?
  • Is there proper signage advertising the churches location for those passing through or looking for a church?
  • Is the church represented by Christians who conduct themselves in Christian ways?
  • When the name ‘Church of Christ’ is mentioned, does it bring pleasant thoughts?
  • Is the church active in the community?
  • Is the church sound in doctrine?
  • Is the church a place where visitors feel welcome?
  • Is the church a place where people will want to know more about it?

Perhaps you can add other questions about the church in (y)our community. Another question we might develop further is “How do we know it is the Lord’s church?” Or, “How do we select the Lord’s church from all the surrounding denominations?” “What is the distinctiveness of the Lord’s church that makes it the one we read about in the Bible?” 

Does the Lord have a church in your city?

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