Is Your Bible a Special Book to You?

Recently I was checking posts on Facebook when I came upon a video made of Christians in China receiving Bibles. Someone placed a large, black, suitcase on the floor and unzipped it. It was filled with Bibles. The men and women rushed to it as if it were filled with one hundred-dollar bills, or a favorite food item. Soon the Bibles were all taken, and the case was empty.Each Bible was wrapped in clear plastic and was black. Some brought the Bible to their lips and kissed it. Some held their Bible tightly against their chest. Some cried with joy over receiving their Bible.

How much do you value your Bible? Does it bother you to see a Bible stuffed in a songbook rack with the corner bending toward the floor and the pages fanned down?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Does it bother you to place something on top of your Bible? Do you watch where you lay your Bible to make sure it is not being laid in water, or something that will damage the cover? Do you use your Bible for a portable filing cabinet? Is it stuffed full of newspaper clippings, or other things you want to save? Do you leave your Bible laying in the window of the car where the hot sun will warp the cover? Does your Bible hold a special place in your home and in your heart?

The Bible continues to be the best seller of books of all time. It is filled with something far more valuable than one hundred-dollar bills. It has food for the soul that a person feasting thereon will never thirst or hunger again. It provides a lamp unto our feet and a light to our path. It contains the bread of life.  Its author is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. It is the inspired word of God. It is the greatest book ever written, and the greatest book that ever will be written.

The next time you pick up your Bible, think of those precious people in China who ran to a large suitcase on the floor to get just one copy of the Bible. Remember them crying as they held it to their lips and kissed it, and then hugged it tightly to their chest. Think of how special their Bible was to them.

Spend time with your Bible every day. Read it, absorb it, and obey it. Therein will you find the beautiful words of life, and the most beautiful story ever told.

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