Isaiah 66:1, 2 There are so many special…

Isaiah 66:1, 2
There are so many special and meaningful passages in Isaiah, but this is the one I choose. Where does God reside? “On Him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at My word.”

Many years ago I met a lady who was abrasive and unfriendly the first few times I visited her (her mother was a member and shut-in). But finally she agreed to study with me. We had a simple open Bible study and as we neared the end of our study, she was literally and visibly trembling. I suggested we go and she be baptized and she immediately agreed and was.

A couple of months later I had a study with another lady about the same age. We went through the same process and just as before, this lady visibly trembled at the Word. I suggested that we go and she be baptized. She paused, offered a couple of excuses and declined. I couldn’t persuade her. She never allowed me to study with her again.

The ability to tremble at the Word of God is a wonderful thing. Ezra witnessed its power (9:4, 10:3). But it is only one virtue among many and can be tragically lost if it is not accompanied with obedience.

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