Islam a religion?

The spread of Islam has been chronicled through the ages and even in recent news articles.

CNN reported in February the construction of a giant mosque in Marseilles, France for the area’s 250,000 Muslims. Politicians in the U.S. believe Islam is just another religion, but is it?

Muhammad, the self-appointed apostle of Islam, lived a contradictory life and produced a contradictory religion. An example is the directive of polygamy after the Quran initially condemned the practice of having many wives. Muhammad was a practitioner of polygamy, having several wives himself, some that would be considered under age.

The Quran differs from the Bible in several ways, but principally in its treatment of Jacob’s son, Joseph. The Quran says Joseph desired Potiphar’s wife and that Potiphar himself was convinced of Joseph’s innocence. Neither of these allegations are true. The Quran condemns idolatry, but the books also says, “Revile not those unto whom they pray beside Allah, lest they wrongfully revile Allah through ignorance,” (Surah 6:107). In the Quran, four witnesses are necessary to sustain charges of adultery, but if the husband is the sole accuser, the four witnesses are unnecessary. Surah 5:18 mentions Israel having Kings before Moses, more than 500 years before there were any kings in Israel.

There are more contradictions, but these show the Quran is contradictory and its attendant religion, Islam, is not a true religion.

On the contrary, Islam has proven itself to be a corrupt, violent and utterly amoral system of ideas, enslaving or killing people who refused to accept it. The attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, by devotees of the religion, show its nature. There are many people who profess Islam, not because they understand the system of beliefs or are tenants of the religion, but because their mothers and fathers accepted it. Many do not even know the truth about Islam.

Christians are fruit inspectors (Matthew 7:15-20), and the fruit of Islam is plain to see, including the Quran and all of the things that have come from its precepts and practices. It is not a true religion, but is a false philosophy, and one which must be rejected.