3 things Israel failed to do in relation to God

Psalm 106 states three ways that Israel sinned by omission. (See Jas 4.17.) The people sinned by commission as well, and the psalm describes that. But these three statements are striking and serve as a example for us, Rm 15.4; 1Co 10.6; Hb 4.11.

  1. “They did not wait for his instructions” v. 13.
  2. “They did not believe his promise” v. 24.
  3. “They did not obey the Lord” v. 25.

Check the psalm for how those failures expressed themselves at that moment. See how those failures worked out for them. In a word, badly. Death in the desert, v. 26.

Note also how all three statements of failure are in relation to God: his instructions, his promise, the Lord. Here is the greatest failure of all, to relate properly to the Lord.

Let Israel’s sins of omission not be ours.

(I have two pages, in Portuguese, on this outline, which I hope to publish later today or tomorrow in our, supposedly, monthly magazine for servants, Ministério & Missão.)