It happened again

We encouraged the unfaithful brother to come back to the church. “When I retire, I’m gong to straighten out my life. I’m going to come back,” he replied. Oh, how the church needed him, but more than that, he needed the church. He had a massive heart attack and died before he retired, before he made things right with God.

     Another man was a drunk. He had a Godly wife. She begged him to stop his drinking and become a Christian, making things right with the Lord. He must have had a slight chuckle in his voice when he told her, “On my death bed, I’m going to make things right.” Her heart broke. He developed cancer of the throat, had surgery, and waited too late. We stood by and listened as she reminded him of what he had said to her about waiting until he was on his death bed. Following his surgery he had a hole at the base of his neck and was warned to not get water in it. She said, “You’ve waited too late. You can’t be baptized now because of getting water in the hole at the base of your throat, can you?” He agreed. He died unprepared.

     A brother-in-Christ told his wife they were going to build a new business in another town, work it three years, sell it, retire and enjoy their life together. He suffered a heart attack, had surgery, and then a stroke. His dream was unfulfilled.

     So often we make our plans and fail to include God in them. In God’s word we are taught to say, “If it is God’s will, we will do such and such.” I can still hear Grandma Evie Bryant says, “Always say you will do so and so, if it is God’s will.”

     Oh, how we need more grandmas who cherish the Word of God and teach their grandchildren the richness of it. (James 4:13-15).

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