It Happened While They Were Still Alive!

My working hours have lengthened as the harvest season approaches. The grain dryer setup requires extra work due to age and it all takes longer. . .due to age! Late Friday afternoon, still out on a mission to scavenge parts I decided to have a non-fast food meal alone. Many years have passed since I had done that, but I was tired and needed to rest. It was a beautiful day and I chose to dine on the patio.

Did I mention that morning I had been inside the grain dryer in the upper heat chamber cleaning out the fines that had slipped through the perforated walls? Well, when I walked onto the patio a table of six yuppies fell silent. Oh, if they had only stayed that way. . .but I’m getting ahead of myself.

A couple of them stared my direction. Not sure why they were looking at me. My father-in-law had blown me off with the air gun, I had wiped the grease off my left pant leg and had changed to a clean farmer cap. I looked a lot better than I usually do when working on the farm, but I can’t fault them for their reaction since they had never seen my really grubby look as comparison.

After a couple of brief awkward moments they continued their boisterous conversations. They started with a discussion of the vegetarian diet. One woman began questioning the waiter as to the exact way the black beans were prepared so as to keep them vegetarian. After he left she went on to explain she had acquired great knowledge of all these things and more at a culinary school. She had also witnessed the way cattle were slaughtered. She was visibly shaken as she relived the event.

One of her eating companions ran for a while on the way kosher animals were slaughtered. He considered it barbaric. She retorted that the slaughter house she visited “killed them while they were still alive!”

Yes, you read that right. “They killed them while they were still alive.” I didn’t snort when I chuckled. An unusual level of self-control for me.

This morning we studied the first few verses of Romans 12. You know, the part about a living sacrifice. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Since real sacrifices involve dead things, how can there be a living sacrifice?

Well, Christian, we were crucified nevertheless we live. Galatians 2:20. The next verse in Romans 12 tells us “not to conform any longer to the pattern of this world” which means to keep the dead part dead. The old man with his worldly ways needs to be put out of his misery never to be resurrected.

That verse goes on to say, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” It parallels a similar thought in the same Galatians passage which says, “Christ lives in me.” We live now as we had never lived before, revitalized by Christ himself.

Yes sir. We were killed while we were still alive. For the Christian it’s not a misstatement. It’s not a joke. It’s our reality.

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