It sounded good

My mom just replied to an email I sent this morning to ask her about my second name. My first, James, is after my dad. She said that just off the top of her head she thought my second name, Randal, sounded good with the first. Not named after anyone.

Since my dad used his first name, I guess they decided to call me by my second. The spelling with one “L,” unusual in English, has been a blessing in Brazil. Brazilians can look at it and pronounce it phonetically, which comes out pretty much like hon-DOLL and spell it correctly on hearing it. (I prefer using the spelling “hon” rather than “hun.”)

I’ve heard of or met two Randals here in Brazil. One was a radio sportscaster in São Paulo some 50 years ago, I think. The one I met was named after him, happened to run across his little shop on a street in Sao Paulo, and stepped in to meet him.