It took me three years to become a Christian

Mother told me if I would get my license when I turned 16 she would buy us a car and I could drive us to church. My daddy wasn’t religious, nor interested, at that time in his life. Mother taught me the truth and after our goals were met, I did drive the 1956 turquoise and white Chevrolet and we went to worship leaving Daddy at home. He called us hypocrites, trying to discourage our new way of life.

Brother Curtis Duke asked me early on about becoming a Christian and I told him I couldn’t live the Christian life living in what I did at home. At the age of 19, I obeyed the gospel after hearing Jerry Humphries preach at the Elba church of Christ where he had just begun working full time with the church. His sermon was so powerful that cold, winter night. Nothing could have kept me from responding, not even my boyfriend who was with me.

After becoming a Christian, I started praying to marry a preacher and for my daddy to change his life. God answered both of my prayers in the affirmative and in his time. Daddy was restored and confessed having lived in sin for 30 years. I will be married to a preacher 45 years in December of this year, the Lord willing. I’m still rejoicing and thankful.

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