Items and habits gone by the wayside

Answering the Nudge for today, here are some items I thought about, things of the past:

  • Men’s handkerchiefs. My boyhood memory is that all men carried them. Not today. I still do, but to clean eyeglasses, wipe eyes, wipe sweat off brow, but I can’t quite bring myself to clean my nose with one and stick it back in my back pocket.
  • Men’s hats, excluding baseball caps. Seen today among some African-Americans, but a rarity today. Weylan and a few cowboys in Texas wear Stetsons, but you just don’t see men using them. I’d love to, they’d be good protection in this tropical climate.
  • Memorization. Rote learning is passé. Nobody wants to learn it line by line. Supposedly, they’re teaching to think, but that’s doubtful. As a kid I won a Bible for memorizing verses. Nobody memorizes Scripture any more. Not even me.

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