It’s Amazing What the Government Can Fast-Track When They Want To!

So the Supreme Court decided last week that employers can’t be forced to provide employees with “birth-control” (i.e. abortion causing medication) that violates its religious convictions. Sounds like that would settle it, right? Wrong!

In a government that is notorious for gridlock, somehow one of the political parties has managed to get it all together in only a few days to produce a bill that would overturn the Supreme Court’s decision and force businesses (including certain schools, hospitals and churches) to provide whatever form of birth-control is covered (i.e. mandated) by the Affordable Care Act.

And their reasoning? Well as senator Patty Murray, of Washington state, said, ““Your health care decisions are not your boss’ business….”

So here’s my response to that statement:

  • if it’s not the boss’ business then why is the boss being forced to provide it!?
  • why is the boss being told it’s not their business when it is their business that’s being targeted?
  • if it’s not the boss’ business then why don’t you go take care of the situation privately without forcing someone else to participate against their will?
  • if it’s not the boss’ business, or anyone else’s business for that matter, then why is it the government’s business?
  • and since when does someone’s “right” require the revenue of someone else?

It’s a veiled issue that forces intrusion on the basis of preventing intrusion, and it sure is amazing what riles up the dander of some politicians while other issues seem to float on down the river of moral apathy, hypocrisy and relativism.

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