It’s Not Just PETA Who Doesn’t Understand

Have you ever wondered why God would ask his people for an animal sacrifice even though he knew it wouldn’t remove sin? You’re probably not the only one. I would suspect that there are plenty of people who do not understand why, or maybe the thought had never occurred before now. Either way, it’s a question worth asking because the answer is worth knowing!

If you would like to read an article that revolves around answering that question, then click here: “Why Did God Require Animals to be Sacrificed?

The article revolves around blood, the human heart, sin, sacrifice and the grace of God. For you fellas who preach, it’s basically a written sermon; take what you find useful. For any one else who would just enjoy the question leading to a deeper study on a personal level or the gathering of notes on the topic, there are plenty of places to do both.

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