It’s Sunday Morning and time for Bible study!

I’m looking forward to continuing our study in Acts in the adult class. This is probably 4th time maybe 5th through Acts since I moved to this area in 1981. We do the standard book by book study through the New Testament for the adult class then start all over again. Typically it is taught on a rotating basis by one of the elders. I know this method of study has been poorly done by some groups, but we have some great teachers that bring out so much. I can’t believe how much I have learned this time through. It’s really been exciting.

When visiting other congregations I’m often alarmed at the comments that are made my the majority of the people in the class. It’s obvious they haven’t read the biblical text (and context) about the topic they are studying. They only read the workbook. I believe not knowing the Bible is main culprit in our struggles as a fellowship among all the other problems it creates. I’m praying that today teens and adults will be feasting on a meal fit for carnivores. Let toddlers have the milk.

Have a blessed day!

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