Jan. 11. Wise Men Visit Jesus

Mt. 2:1-11

A group of wise men from the East had followed Jesus’ star to Jerusalem and were asking where they could find, “He who has been born King of the Jews.” King Herod heard about this and was troubled because he thought this “King of the Jews” would be taking his throne. Herod called for the wise men and instructed them to let him know the location of this young Child so he could “worship Him also.”

We do not know how old Jesus was when the wise men saw Him. We do know that He was more than forty days old, however, because Mary had already been purified. When the wise men found Jesus in a house (not the stable), they fell down and worshiped Him and presented Him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

God warned the wise men to not return to Herod, so they returned home by another direction. That same night, God warned Joseph that Jesus was in danger and that he should take Him and His mother to Egypt until after the death of Herod.