Jan. 13. Jesus’ Childhood and Visit to the Temple

Lk. 2:40-52

Only one event in the childhood of Jesus is recorded from the time He returned from Egypt to Nazareth until He was about thirty years old. One can speculate that He had a normal childhood playing games with His friends and going to school. Fathers taught their sons to work and Joseph taught Him the carpentry trade.

Since the Boy Jesus was the Son of God, He had a special relationship with God. Even though His childhood was probably normal, it was different in that He was sinless. One cannot imagine the Son of God in a fight or getting into trouble with His parents.

Each year, the Jews were required to attend the Feast of Passover in Jerusalem. On one of those trips, when Jesus was twelve years old, He became separated from Mary and Joseph. After the Feast had ended, His parents started on their journey home and at the end of the day, they realized that He was not with them. They frantically searched among their relatives and friends for their twelve-year-old Boy, but could not find Him. Upon returning to Jerusalem, they found Him in the temple talking with the teachers and asking them questions. His mother scolded Him, but He replied, “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” At this young age, Jesus realized the importance of His spiritual life.

All that is known about Jesus from that time until age thirty is that He continued to be subject to His parents and He matured physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.