Jan. 19. David’s Flight Continues

I Sam. 22:1-23; Ps. 52:1-9

The fugitive, David realized that his family was also in jeopardy because of his deteriorated relationship with the king. Being a descendant of the Moabitess, Ruth he received permission for his family to dwell in their land until it was safe for them to return to their home in Judah. He assembled a small army of about four hundred men for protection from King Saul.

Previously, David, in his desperate situation had pretended to be insane. Saul also was desperate in his own mind regarding David, the successor-to-be of his throne. He intended to kill David at whatever cost that was necessary. Having received information from his servant Doeg about the aid that David had gotten from Ahimelech, the priest, Saul called for the priest to account for his actions.

Saul ordered his servants to kill Ahimelech. However, because of their loyalty to the priests of God, they refused the king’s order. Doeg, an Edomite executed Saul’s decree and killed Ahimelech and Eighty-four other priests along with women, children and livestock of the priestly city of Nob. Abiathar, one of Ahimelech’s sons escaped to report to David the massacre of his family and found protection with the future king.

It is thought that David wrote about the acts of Doeg in this psalm. The first part addresses the man and his love of evil. Following the commitment of evil are the consequences of punishment and the derision of the righteous against evil doers. In contrast, the righteous are strong and full of vitality and praise for the Lord.