Jan. 20. Job Replies to Eliphaz’s new Accusation

Job 22:1-24:25

As one might say today, Eliphaz threw the book at Job. Nothing that man can do will add to the glory of God. All that a man can do is for his own good. Previously, his friends had accused Job of unspecified sins. Eliphaz turned from vague accusations to specific charges. He stated that Job had falsely obligated people; taken clothing from the needy and failed to provide food, water and aid to the hungry, weary, widows and orphans. Those were and are grievous sins against society. Man’s actions cannot be hidden from God even though one may think that clouds and darkness will conceal them. Eliphaz questioned Job if he would continue in his old ways of sin. He then began to urge Job to repent and return to the Lord. If he would repent, he would see the many blessings that God provides.

“But I didn’t do it!” could have been Job’s reply. One can imagine how Job felt as he had been accused of sins that he did not commit. All of us have probably been in that position at some time during our lives. After Eliphaz had finished speaking, Job spoke again. He began with the desire to find God. His wish to speak face to face with God had not been realized. He was confident of his innocence and had faith that he would be justified. However, he was terrified at the thought of being in the presence of the Almighty but he wanted to understand why in his righteousness he was suffering.

Job continued his line of thought by enumerating a large number of transgressions that were being committed by wicked men, but seemingly being overlooked by the Lord. In his mind, they should have received swift punishment for their deeds, but it did not happen. He concluded that even though the wicked seem to prosper and escape retribution for their deeds, God knows and will eventually bring them to justice.