Jan. 21. Bildad Speaks Again; Job’s Defense

Job 25:1-28:28

Bildad spoke briefly regarding the majesty and power of God contrasted to the lowliness of man before being interrupted by Job. In his mind nothing that they had said had given any relief to him in his weaknesses.

Job continued by describing the real power, majesty and glory of God and the many mighty forces of nature that were created and are controlled by Him. Even those are only the edges and a faint whisper of God’s thunderous power.

As his friends had repeatedly berated him for his wickedness, Job strongly defended his integrity before them and God. He stated that as long as breath remained in him, he would speak no wickedness nor deceit. Neither would he concede that they had been right in their judgment against him. He repeated some of the things that they had said as truth, but that they had been misapplied toward him. A wicked man may appear to be prosperous, but his end is condemnation.

Man in his ingenuity has developed various methods of mining for precious metals, gems and other treasures buried inside the earth. Over the thousands of years of his existence, he has invented many wonderful machines, including useful and worthless gadgets. He may credit his own great wisdom for those enormous accomplishments. However, what are wisdom and understanding? Can they be found in people, places or things? One must look to God, not to man for their definition. God’s wisdom was responsible for the earth’s creation and all that is in it. Man’s wisdom and understanding are defined thusly, “Behold the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding .”