January Spiritual Sword

By Hugh Fulford — The January 2015 issue of The Spiritual Sword is now in the mail. In my judgment this is another “landmark” issue of this great journal, dealing with an exceedingly timely theme, “Can We Save Our Children?” I am continually amazed at how Alan Highers, editor, always seems to come up with a “cutting edge” theme for every issue of this widely-read quarterly publication.

In his editorial Alan wrote: “We live in a pluralistic society where every lifestyle is considered equally valid. Children and young people are bombarded by these concepts at school, at the movies, on television, and even in music. Evolution is promoted, homosexuality is defended, and Christian faith often is ridiculed and mocked. ‘Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools’ (Rom. 1:22). If we do not get serious about what we proclaim from the pulpit and in Bible classes, and if parents do not take seriously the relentless struggle for the souls of their children, we will pay the price in the loss of our children from the church and perhaps, even more tragically, the loss of souls in eternity.”

Gary Hampton wrote: “A parent seeing his/her child in intense physical danger will do the unthinkable in an attempt to protect him from harm. Spiritual dangers can impact our children for eternity and should be of even greater concern.”

David Pharr wrote: “Balanced preaching is essential for the continued faithfulness of our children. There is a place for some humor, for interesting illustrations, current events, catchy poetry, and well turned prose. Such may get attention or help a point to be remembered. But what is needed for the young (and the old) is Bible, Bible, and more Bible!” (Here I am reminded of something the late Basil Overton told me over 40 yrs ago. He said the elders of the church where he preached had told the Bible school teachers, “If you don’t teach a Bible lesson, just don’t teach!,” hf)

I wrote: “Our children are a priceless treasure. They need love, affection, encouragement, attention, discipline, and teaching–teaching about the grace of God, the love of Christ, the need to be kind and loving, the need to be servants and helpful to others, and of what it means to have the spirit of Christ. But they also need teaching in the fundamentals of New Testament Christianity and the distinctiveness of the church that Christ established and the importance of being faithful to the Lord and his word. They need to be patiently yet persistently taught that there is but ‘one body’ (Eph. 4:4), that the ‘one body’ is the church (1:22-23; Col. 1:18), that the church is not a denomination, that one church is not as good as another, and that to leave the church for a denomination is to invite eternal damnation.”

Stan Mitchell wrote: “With regard to doctrinal matters, our pulpits have adopted a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy, and it shows in the conviction (or lack of conviction) of our young people. Their biblical understanding has become soft and ill defined…Our infatuation with the world has caused us to neglect our children’s spiritual education.”

Glenn Colley wrote: “The golden goal for child-rearing is to bring up happy, faithful, productive Christians, and that will not happen accidentally. Deliberate, solid decisions must be made early. Let the atmosphere of your home be governed by godly decisions, not by the winds of stress and unexpected changes.”

We all should anticipate the arrival of the January issue of The Spiritual Sword in our mailboxes. Its theme is inestimably important!

Hugh Fulford (01/14/15)

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