Jeremiah (Applications on Chapters 2-4)

Circumcision was a command of God to the nation of Israel. No male was accepted by God as part of the nation of Israel without being circumcised. For many, however, the ritual ordinance of circumcision was empty of meaning. It was empty because man had more important things to do than pay particular attention to the significance of the Lord’s will in relation to the ritual. For a great many today, this applies to their baptism. It has often been said, “He was baptized” and somehow this is supposed to put them in good favor with the Lord all by itself. It does put one in a good standing with the Lord, but only if there is conversion—and baptism is a part of the total picture related to conversion! *** Another lesson for us is with regard to the Lord’s judgment. The Lord has promised that he will come a second time; when He does come, there will be no signs like one would see with Babylon’s arrival, but when the Lord comes He will come as a thief in the night. With Babylon coming there was time to prepare because it would have been a very visual occurrence, but with the coming of the Lord as a thief in the night, the time of preparation is now. *** It is interesting to read what archaeology has found in regard to what Jeremiah says here in C-4. Michael L. Brown references the work of a man named B. Oded, wherein he says, “The archaeology of Neo-Babylonian Judah is the archaeology of destruction, reflecting the fury of Babylon” (Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Revised (EBC-R), pp. 124-125). The ultimate lesson with regard to what archaeology has demonstrated is that the Lord means what He says; we would be foolish to not pay attention.