Jeremiah (Notes on Chapter 9)

As Jeremiah reflected on the situation before him there are two things that come to mind. First, the tears welled-up inside of him because of the rebellion and the Lord’s pending judgment. Second, because of their rebellion, he wished that he lived in a place not at all connected to Jerusalem (9:1-2). The Lord summarizes what it is that He saw, and He saw it continually. The people are not trustworthy; of course, when the inclinations of man’s heart is only evil continually (cf. Genesis 6:5), and the people reject the Lord’s will for their lives, their moral compass is frayed beyond recognition. Truth only comes from God, but it was rejected (9:3-6), thus the Lord’s judgment is pending and Jeremiah laments for what is about to be their experience (9:7-11). There are those who will inquire about why this is taking place, and the Lord will tell them it is because of their rejection of His covenant (9:12-16). The devastation will be so thorough that those who suffer will be as refuse (waste) in the streets (9:17-22, 25-26). “Mourning cries mark the demise of shameful Judah. Exile is upon them. Death too has arrived and is personified as climbing into the homes and roaming the doomed cities of Judah” (Dearman, p. 115). All too often the people of Judah gloried in material things, but the Lord’s wisdom will reside in him who glories in the right thing (9:23-24).