Jesus’ betrayal and trial

There is so much in this account that sends chills down the spine. One thing I’ve been pondering lately is the the look that Jesus gave to Peter after his 3rd denial of Him. What must have been in that look? Was it one of “I told you so” or of disappointment? One of hurt? Or perhaps it was just a gentle loving look. No matter. It was enough to recall to Peter’s mind what the Lord had said to him such a short time before. I can only imagine how Peter must have felt, having learned something about himself that he probably didn’t like. No matter how much zeal he had for the Lord, he was capable of turning tail and running when the rubber met the road. And what an example for us. Peter, the great orator, who brought us the first gospel sermon, was human. Just like us. We need to always be on the lookout and take heed wherein we stand — lest we fall.

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