Jesus trends

The screenshot shows Google’s trends for the phrase “Jesus Christ.” Some surprising results appear, though I have no idea exactly what is being measured here, unless it’s Internet activity surrounding the phrase.

TrendsFirst the overall activity trend appears to decline slightly, discounting the occasional spikes. That appears to lead to the conclusion that people are talking less about “Jesus Christ” and more about other topics. One can only hope that Christians might be changing that trend, though if my Facebook experience is any indication, the saints talk more about politics and the economy than they do about their faith. What do you think?

Second, it appears the Salt Lake City Mormons talk more about “Jesus Christ” than any other city, perhaps by sheer volume of conversation, since one would expect that “Joseph Smith” would get more mention among them. Something along the lines of, “Jesus Christ” is not God’s only or latest prophet. Now, if our greatest concentration of saints is in Nashville or Dallas, shouldn’t they be at the top? Dallas was number 8, behind Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle (!), and Atlanta.

Third, English is not the principal language talking about “Jesus Christ.” The Filipinos are very interested in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. One assumes that in Tagalog, his name is spelled as it is in English. And they are talking about him more than we are.

Now look at the trends for the name “Jesus” only. His name is spelled the same in a number of languages, principally Spanish, Portuguese, and, apparently, Tagalog. Of course, one must also take into account that “Jesus” is a name given to men.

Jesus trendsThe trend is up. More people are talking about Jesus on the web today than since 2004. Can we take that as a good sign?

Portuguese is the leading language, but Peru is the top country, which doesn’t seem to agree, since Brazil is by far the overwhelming population for Portuguese. And Peru shares its Spanish with many countries. Be that as it may.

Finally, to my surprise, four of the top seven cities are in Brazil. Shall we send more missionaries and workers for the truth to this enormous country, and to Peru where Jesus is on the lips of many, though in ignorance and perhaps in oaths. But even then, does that not signal a door of opportunity?

What other insights do you see here?

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