Jesus washes feet (Mike Glenn)

Brothers and sisters, we have turned into another month. Our Joshua Generation characteristic for the month is Servant Attitude. Our slogan is, “Make me a servant, Lord, make me like you.”

Our text for this first JG bulletin in John 13:1-17. This is one of the most often-told events in the life of our Lord. Entire books have been written based on this text. Hundreds of sermons have been preached. Still, it is worthy of our consideration again even though we may know it by heart. I commend the following points for your consideration.

• The vital importance of service: This is the last free night of Jesus upon the earth. He knew his hour had arrived. For three years He had been training these men who followed Him. What should his final messages be on this final night? He chose three, love, unity and servanthood. All of these were actually bound up in this act of foot-washing. But it is His servanthood to which we address ourselves today. It shows compassion. It shows understanding. It shows humility. It is an extension of God’s grace. It is kindness. For all these reasons and more, Christ chose it in these final hours.

• The nature of service that serves God: Jesus had talked of and shown His disciples the importance of service before. He gave it high priority in the sermon on the mount (Matt. 5:16). He spoke of it in unrecorded conversation with the apostles (Acts 20:35). The disciples had seen His service extended to the masses through healing and feeding. But this time, He gives an example of what was considered one of the lowliest tasks of serving — washing feet. No act of kindness or responsibility demeans us. If our Lord and Master can wash feet, we can only be exalted by serving in every and in any capacity that opportunity affords.

• The time of services performed for God: You will have to admit that at this hour, there was much to distract Jesus’ mind. Judas was betraying him. Peter was not far from denying Him. He was facing the cruelty of beatings and the cross. Yet there was still time to serve, to teach and to leave an example. We sometimes believe that we are so busy, that plans in our life are so urgent, that we cannot take time to serve. May we learn from our Lord.

• The people who are to perform services: The people who were instructed to perform this task were the apostles and, by extension (Mt. 28:20), you and I. We who have been served to continuously and so gallantly by our Savior are now called upon to extend God’s grace to others in service. The rich farmer rejected that principle (Luke 12). The rich ruler rejected it (Luke 18) as did the rich man in Luke 16. But we shall serve. Lord, make me a servant, make me like you.

Mike Glenn

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