Jimmie B. Hill with cancer

Please add Jimmie B. Hill to the prayer list at your congregation. His health has been an issue since our return from the South Pacific campaign in May when his thyroid replacement medication suddenly became toxic. That caused several problems, including anemia, but he was recovering slowly Then a few weeks ago the anemia worsened and our family doctor referred Jimmie to a hematologist. Yesterday we got the results from 2 whole body scans and they were not good. Jimmie has a large mass growing in one of his kidneys that the doctor identified as renal cancer. There are also additional spots showing in his lungs that will be biopsied next week to determine if they are renal cancer that has spread. The doctor is waiting on the biopsies before determining a treatment plan so we won’t know anything more until then. But we obviously have a battle coming.

The news yesterday was a shock, yet I have to say that Jimmie’s attitude is great. He has faced cancer before and knows that our lives are in the hands of our Creator. The doctor appeared a bit startled, though, when the first words out of Jimmie’s mouth were, “Can you get me well enough to go back to Africa?” Please, pray that he can.

Linda Hill