Job 12-14

  1. Job’s friends are not the only ones who can discern, or has wisdom (12:1-3). As one (Job) who appealed to the Lord, and God answered, Job received his friends who have done nothing but mock his circumstances. On the other hand, those who mock God, they are the ones who prosper – even the creatures of the earth understand this (12:4-12). What God can do if He desired (12:13-25). Job maintains his integrity and desires an opportunity to make his case before the Lord (13:1-12). The friends of Job are of no value to him during this time of affliction (13:4, 13-19).  Job appeals to the Lord for an audience in order to make his case (13:20-28). Man’s time on the earth is but fleeting (13:28; 14:1-6). Death is like sleep; when man dies he will not see life again (14:7-12). Job longs to be hidden in the grave because he is worn out (14:13-22).
  2. Application. Job suffers grievously for something he does not know; along come his friends and they lay guilt on him, but for what they can’t say. Now God crushes man’s hope and Job’s hope is gone. **** Clearly the remarks of a frustrated and desperate man. Those of us on this side of Job’s life can see that Job’s hope is not gone, but have you ever felt so overwhelmed by some moral failing, some circumstantial matter that all hope for life was gone (cf. 2 Corinthians 1:8)? If you have not then count yourself fortunate; you are rare! How well will you be able to relate with one who has?