Job 18

  1. Bildad speaks for the second time. Once again the accusation is now leveled at Job and the contempt he (Job) has for his friends as they seek to help (18:1-4). A short treatise on the experiences of those who are wicked (18:5-21).
  2. Application. What does one say that has not been said when communication is not taking place. On the other hand, communication is very much taking place between the two parties; it’s just that both parties are rejecting what the other is saying. On this side of history we know well that Job is right, but Job’s friends were not convinced of that. They were convinced that the foundation from which they were speaking was on bedrock; it is unshakable. Job knew better, but they rejected Job’s knowledge.  **** Is the bedrock of our principles based upon the traditions passed down? Are they based upon the word of God? What are they based on? Perhaps there is a combination of both. In such circumstances let us be sure that when we think and speak of eternal matters that our bedrock of principles are “foundationed” on Him who transcends all.