Job 20

  1. Zophar speaks for the second time. His words are a continuation of those which Bildad spoke. He takes exception to Job’s words (20-1-3). The triumph of the wicked is short (20:4-11).  The wicked will not even enjoy the blessings of savored food; it will but come up and out violently (20:12-19). Those who are wicked have nothing to look forward to (20:20-29).
  2. Application. The essence of Zophar’s speech is that one can be sure that sin, though hidden, will manifest itself (cf. Numbers 32:23). This is a truth that thoughtful people clearly understand (cf. Galatians 6:7). When a man sows discord toward others, it is a bit naïve to think it will not be sown toward him. People can’t possibly keep all the tracks that that lain down covered up for others not to follow. Though Zophar’s word are true (in hyperbolic form), they were wrongly applied to Job. We can learn (and should learn) that when we sow discord in our heart we separate ourselves from the Lord by secret sins – and those things are not hidden from Him who sees all.