Job 21

  1. Job replies to all his friends, not just Zophar’s last speech. He calls upon them to listen to him while he dismantles their prejudices toward those who suffer (21:1-21). The wicked will meet their doom when they face God; for Job, this knowledge is comforting (21:22-34).
  2. Application. Job brings to the forefront of these series of arguments between him and his friends why their predispositions are wrong. If God brings judgment against the wicked, then why do they prosper and live a full life. Life’s experiences teach Job – and it should teach his friends as well – that their theological underpinning is built on a foundation of sand. It is not unlikely that many people in the world have the same theological underpinning; isn’t it sad when the underpinning stays in place when evidence to the contrary is so….well, evident?