Job 25

  1. Bildad gives his third reply. He speaks of God’s glory and asks rhetorical questions to be answered in the negative. He brings his small reply to a close; “The brevity of Bildad’s final speech and the absence of a third speech by Zophar are indications that the friends have run out of fuel” (Andersen, p. 214).
  2. Application. Job was not done making a substantive reply to his friends, however. It seems that as Job was “taking a breath” Bildad interjected, and his interjection was nothing of substance. People don’t like losing arguments or being on the short end of something they are convinced is right. Neither do others like accusation flying in their faces when they know those accusations are flatly false. Job and his friends were communicating, but their communication wasn’t being heard (in fact, it was heard, but the other side rejected what was offered). We might illustrate it like missiles flying from one side then another never really hitting the target. **** Bildad asked what I think is a good question: How can man be right before God? Of himself he can’t. He can, however, be right before God if the Lord has given him an avenue to walk, and that man walks it. Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life; no man comes to the Father but by me.” Jesus is our way. For some he is not adequate; for the Lord he is the only way.