Job 26, 27, and 28

  1. The ESV gives this chapter a title: God’s majesty is unsearchable. With such a lofty recognition, Job, nonetheless, rails at what his friends have offered him – no help at all (C-26)! Job maintains his righteousness, and that he has done nothing to warrant this affliction that is severely against him. In fact, those who are wicked will suffer, and Job details this. What Job said his friends also said; their application, however, of making this apply to Job was a mistaken notion, a misjudgment (C-27). Man has had much in the way of accomplishments, but with all that he has achieved, he cannot locate wisdom by turning the spade over on this earth; in fact, wisdom comes only from the Lord (C-28).
  2. Application. An appropriate place to make application is with regard to what Job had come to know – even though he can’t explain why he was experiencing what he was. He had come to know that wisdom is not gained from labor on earth, and neither is it gained in what man has accomplished. It is gained and maintained when man comes to know the Lord. Not just know Him, but also turn away from those things that are opposed to Him. In a world that looks upon life as a perspective of secularism or not, does not one wonder how things would be different if humanity saw things the way the Lord desired?