Job 38 and 39

  1. In a rapid fire set of questions the Lord calls upon him who thinks he knows much to answer what to the Lord are elementary questions. Things that pertain to the creation of the earth, the existence of the heavenly bodies, and the matters that pertain to weather (C-38). Can Job even begin to understand related to the kingdom of the wild (C-39)?
  2. Application. What Job so quickly dismissed from his friends he finds his is guilty of the same. Job refused any accusation that he was suffering as a result of any particular sin or sins. In fact, his refusal to accepting such accusation was that his friends spoke without knowledge. Job was absolutely sure of him himself (I presume) in that which he spoke, but when called upon by the Lord to defend himself what he thought he knew was but the wisdom of ashes! In particular we need to make an application concerning judgments we make. All too often people come to a conclusive judgment and they are certain they have things right! If you hear only one side, it won’t be long before the other side makes you look a fool!