Job 40 and 41

  1. “Job, are you in any position to judge and correct the Almighty? Have you the kind of wisdom that can bring a proud man low, or do you have the ability to deal with the behemoth, or even the leviathan?” The point of these questions, again, is to bring to Job’s thinking his real position in relation to the Lord; his position is one of complete inadequacy!
  2. Application. The Lord asked Job a number of question, and Job was able to get a word in that was recognition of his inadequacy, and the Lord was not going to let him lose sight of that. Job, with all of his knowledge, had come to realize that He who has all knowledge was the only one who could truly answer the questions posed to him. **** Have you ever been sure of what the Lord was thinking and then going to do? If so, it would be good to be reminded of Isaiah 55:8-9, and Job’s rebuke from the Lord. Man may be smart in many areas, but he is not that smart.