&nbsp Job’s repentance 42:1-6 Job’s three friends rebuked…


  1. Job’s repentance (42:1-6). Job’s three friends rebuked by the Lord (42:7-9). The Lord gives Job all that he lost, and then some (42:10-17).
  2. Application.  This wisdom of Job was in recognizing that he spoke without knowledge; the lack of wisdom in Job’s friends was that they did not recognize this in themselves. At least with four, maybe five men, there was a change in their theology concerning why people suffer; did this, however, change the views of those all around Job? Perhaps not initially, but it is reasonable that Job took the time to expound on such things – and why wouldn’t he? Perhaps, as they saw Job afflicted they concluded the Lord was against him; then, perhaps, they also viewed Job as he was gaining his wealth back (and much more) as one who was blessed by the Lord. This confusion in the minds of the people gave Job the avenue he needed to persuade people to think differently. *** If you know from where you came and are grateful to the Lord for what you received could you not do what Job did and take advantage of the avenue given to you and persuade people to think differently about life?