Job 8

  1. Bildad speaks and is sure to not let Job forget the actual reason for his affliction. Job’s children suffered their calamity for the very same reason Job is now: sin (8:1-7). Utilizing the wisdom of the past (8:8-10), those who are overly confident and hypocrites (Job), the Lord cuts down (8:11-18). Appeal to the Lord and he will exult you (8:19-22).
  2. Application. The wisdom of those who have gone before us may be of great quality. Their wisdom, however, is a wisdom that results from living on this earth as all human beings do. We all have accumulated wisdom in whatever amount of time we have lived (to this point); are we foolish, however, to think that what we have accumulated is right in all respects? Not likely. The same with those of the past. Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge; knowledge, however, can be faulty. Thus, wisdom is the correct application of true knowledge.