Job 9 and 10

  1. Job takes up the last few words of Bildad and says that he understands the wisdom of those who have gone before, but a man’s standing in front of God – how can a man stand before the Lord blameless (9:1-13)? One can’t stand before the Lord to reason with Him, but that the Lord will but crush him (9:14-20). Job now begins to question the Lord in a more serious vein (9:21-31). He summarizes his lack of standing before the Lord (9:32-35). Yet he speaks before him (10:1-12), in frustration and lament, his clear reverent understanding that it is the Lord who made him, but why would God create only to destroy, especially the innocent (10:3, 8, 18)? Job appeal to the Lord to just let him alone so he can die quietly (10:13-22).
  2. Application. Hailey gave an interesting perspective to Job’s lament in C-9: Job hit his lowest point in his frustration and lack of understanding “…when he concluded that there is no moral government in the universe, and that therefore it is all one with God whether man does right or wrong” (p. 99). **** Have you ever shaken your fist at the Lord? I have; I almost remember it vividly, but the years have somewhat clouded my thinking. I was not more than 23 years old, and one knows how much wisdom a 23 year old has! I understand mercy.