Job’s Covenant With His Eyes

Have you ever made a plan for your daily conduct? Have you considered ahead of time how you would react to the various temptations that will come to you?

For example, have you already planned that you would be in services on Sunday evening whether or not company comes by, the couch feels comfortable, or the Super Bowl is on?

Have you already planned that even though you are late to work, you are going to obey the speed limit?

Have you planned, that even as the hot summer approaches, you will not wear immodest clothing, but that you will dress as you believe Jesus would if he were in your place?

Have you already decided that today, if you meet someone, do you immediately start thinking of a way to bring up a study of the gospel with him or her?

These are just some of the myriad of questions that could be considered as implying situations that are part of our daily life.

Our text today has an outstanding lesson in this regard. Men understand the temptation to lust. Our society with all of its advertising in print and electronics can put that temptation before us everywhere. Brothers and sisters, there is nothing new under the sun. The form may be different, but the same temptations existed for the ancient world.

Job, knowing this made a plan to remain godly (Job 31:1). He determined not to let his eyes dwell on the temptation, but to look away. He determined not to tempt himself by considering what he ought not to think about. It was his plan to avoid mental or physical fornication.

Brothers and sisters, what plans have you made to flee from the devil? God has provided a way of escape from every temptation. Let’s make a plan to know the escape and take it. Paul determined to die for the cause of Christ rather than recant or remain silent. It was a good plan that would take him to heaven. Make a plan to grow, to study, to pray, to resist temptation.

Plan to obey God.

Mike Glenn