John 11:43

Striking words, to me, would be the words of our Lord in John 11:43. In contrast to the fake religious, miracle worker preachers of today, Jesus simply speaks forth three words, “Lazarus, come forth!” With those words a man dead four days comes from his tomb. Rather than parade the man in the presence of the preacher and in front of thousands on a stage, Jesus simply says to those about him, to unbind him and set him free. I marvel at the thousands who are deluded by these charlatans, but I am angered by the preachers who have an interest in money, prestige, and power (or influence). Though I marvel at the many who are deluded, I also take note of the many who want to be deceived. They want to be deceived because when evidence is brought forth that the person they are following is not following the Lord – they still follow the charlatan. On the other hand, there are many who are there genuinely trying to get answers to their most pressing problems in life, and those people are the ones….. well …. I hope the Lord has mercy on.

Never fail to take note of the contrast between the genuine (Jesus) and the one who promotes himself.

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