John 3:3-5, an Objector, and Rambling

When people write and submit that writing for others to read, it is likely that other thoughts will arise in the readers mind that do not pertain to what was originally written. This happened recently, and I know because of the comment (reply) that was given to what I wrote. Some of the thoughts shared by what I will call an “objector” had some association to what I wrote, but much did not.

The thrust of what I wrote pertained to a tract by a Baptist preacher and his explanation of John 3:3-5. In particular, I took note of how there was some discussion on the word “spirit”, but nothing on the word “water.”

I received a comment (reply) to my words on this tract. One such remark was: “To understand the New Birth you must “believe” all the scriptures that pretain to it” [he referenced John 1:13-14, but he meant 1:12-13]. “It is God that gives us the gift of the Holy Ghost! It’s not by anything that we do The only thing we can do is believe that Jesus is our Saviour and all that we can do is believe and repent!”

I spoke next to nothing along this line, but I did make an association with the message of John the Baptist and Peter’s invite in Acts 2:38.

Though thoughts may be spawned when one reads another’s writing, it is prudent, when replying, that one’s reply stay with what was originally written and not descend into rambling (which is how I read the remarks). If there are some additional thoughts not germane to that which was originally written, then clarification would be helpful to those who read these replies.

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