Sorry, but it's not 'journey before destination'

So the perverse concept pops up yet again. This time in the epic fantasy novel The Way of Kings. The author devotes a whole chapter to three ideas, one of which is “journey before destination,” that one must consider or value the journey before the destination. Perhaps later chapters will tweak or deny the concept, but it’s doubtful.

We’ve written at different times on this postmodernist idea, most recently on Forthright Magazine. As far back as 2003.

The quality of the journey depends entirely on the destination. For Christians, that means having our citizenship in heaven, Pp 3.20-21. This truth, along with the expectation of the imminent coming of Christ, gives meaning to the present and impulse for growth, joy, and holiness.

Time is short compared to eternity. The journey is but a step in light of heaven’s destination. No effort is too small to guarantee that we are in the Way toward the final manifestation of the kingdom and the glorious throne of God.

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