Judge Nothing

If I might be so bold, a sensible remark would be one that I have been speaking for a good while. Of course, it does not originate with me, and as surely as one reads it, the quality of its value will be apparent.


It is so easy to judge something before one has sufficient information that allows that judgment to stand a critical test. All too often people form their judgments based upon their own point of reference, but one’s point of reference belongs only to one, not the one that the judgment is being rendered toward.

However, some will note, it is nearby impossible for me to not come to a judgment on something I have seen or read. Perhaps this is correct, but should your judgment be final when you have incomplete information? Your judgment of a situation is important and it might influence many; surely it is a matter of prudence to judge rightly – and this can be done when further information follows. Moreover, when further information follows, what point of reference will you use? Will you use your own? It is likely that you will, but if your point of reference is the Lord’s, how much firmer ground will your feet be planted on then?

“Do not judge according to appearance. Judge justly” (John 7:24, Montgomery)