Are you judgmental? This is much easier to be guilty of than one realizes. We all have opinions, and we think our opinions are right. Thus, when we are asked, some of us can come across in a rather judgmental way. The topic of discussion does not matter. I have heard it countless times that any conservative republican is a legalistic and narrow-minded radical, or a liberal democrat does not have any rationality to him (her), and neither does that one live by a moral code higher than self. Comments like these are not helpful to serious conversation.

Christians are not immune to such sentiments. There are many who will talk about “our” church as being the only faithful congregation around. Some will talk against another’s church concerning their unfaithfulness and eternal destiny. This is not wise; the truth of it (or not) may be obvious, but who determines this? Is it anyone of us (2 Timothy 2:19)? My encouragement to one an all is simply this: judgment belongs exclusively to the Lord; those who fail to obey His will, will experience that soon enough. Our responsibilities lie with helping another understand what the Bible teaches and encourage all to obey it, and this includes you and me. RT

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