Jul. 10. Jehoram and Ahaziah Reign in Judah

II Chron. 21:1-22:6

The kings of Judah and Israel had some of the same names during a period of their alliance against Syria. Same persons are sometimes referred to by more than one name.

Jehoshaphat’s son, Jehoram succeeded him as king of Judah at thirty-two years of age. Proper worship in Judah had been restored to some extent by Jehoshaphat. One of Jehoram’s first acts after being established as king was to destroy his brothers. That eliminated any threats from them against his crown. He had married Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel. but because of his close association with his wife’s wicked parents, “He did evil in the sight of the Lord.”

God did not destroy Judah for their sins because of His promise to David and to preserve the Judean lineage for the coming Messiah.

Edom had been under the control of Judah for many years and had fought alongside them in their wars. During the time of Jehoram, they declared their independence and revolted against Judah’s authority. They made themselves a king. Other nations also revolted against Jehoram taking away his possessions and family. Only his youngest son, Ahaziah was left to him.

Jehoram suffered a very painful illness for two years before his death. His reign was for only eight years and, “To no one’s sorrow, departed.”

Following Jehoram’s death, Ahaziah followed as king of Judah for only one year. He being a grandson of Ahab and Jezebel followed in their evil ways as his father had done previously and as his mother had advised him.

Ahaziah went with Jehoram, king of Israel to war against Syria where Jehoram was wounded. The Judean king then visited his Uncle Jehoram in Jezreel while he was recovering from his wounds.