Jul. 12. True Leaders Are Followers of God

Is. 31:1-32:20

One person plus God equals a majority. Isaiah again emphasized the woe that would come upon Judah if they trusted in Egypt and their army. God’s strength and tenacity in protecting His people are described as the fearless lion facing a multitude of shepherds and the birds protecting their nests. If Judah would put their idol gods away, God would deliver them from the hands of Assyria.

The prophet pronounced the coming of a true leader who would rein in righteousness and justice allowing peace and calmness within the land. Judah had enjoyed a period of time with Hezekiah as such a leader. There would continue to be times when foolishness and complacency would cause the people to lament and mourn. Those times would, however, be followed by a return to God with ensuing periods of peace and rejoicing. The world needs true leaders today who will seek to do God’s will as they serve their people.