Jul. 13. Judgment Against Jerusalem and Tyre

Is. 22:1-23:18

Isaiah presented a very vivid description of the destruction that would come upon Jerusalem. Instead of viewing the prophet’s warning with horror and turning to God in repentance, the people partied in defiance of the Lord saying in ridicule, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!” Shebna, who had been King Hezekiah’s steward, was singled out because of his haughtiness. He would be cast into a foreign land where he would die. He would be succeeded by Eliakim who would “be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem And to the house of Judah.”

The prophet turned his attention to the Phoenician seaport city of Tyre. It would be laid waste and the merchants who depended upon it in their trades would be distressed over the loss of their port. Isaiah asked why this crowning city would be destroyed and answered his own question. “The Lord of hosts has purposed it, To bring to dishonor the pride of all glory…” Tyre would be a wasteland for seventy years and would then be rebuilt to regain its former glory.