Jul. 15. Timothy and Luke Join Paul and Silas

Acts 16:1-15

While Paul and Silas were in Lystra, Timothy, a young man who would serve a great role in the later life of Paul joined the team. It is not known just when he was baptized, but it is possible that Timothy, as a new Christian was involved in the rescue of Paul when he was so savagely stoned in that city.

Timothy’s father was a Greek (Gentile) and his mother was a Jew. Paul commended his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice years later for their role in Timothy’s spiritual development. We see in Timothy how wholesome examples impart a positive influence on the lives of others.

Paul had refused to allow Titus to be circumcised while they were at the conference in Jerusalem because he was a Greek. Circumcision would have yielded to the demands of the Jews that circumcision of Gentiles was necessary for their salvation. Timothy however was a Jew who had never been circumcised. Paul did many things to gain the trust of those whom he taught. Since he reasoned that it would be easier to influence the Jews, he circumcised Timothy.

Paul, Silas and Timothy traveled throughout Cilicia, Galatia and Phrygia strengthening the churches and baptizing new believers. They also shared the Jerusalem letter. As they left Phrygia and approached Mysia, the Spirit prevented them from going into Asia and the area of Bithynia. Instead, they were directed to Troas.

Troas was a seaport city beside a large bay area of the Mediterranean Sea. While in Troas, Paul had a vision in which a man of Macedonia called for them to, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.”

Immediately, Paul and his company sailed northwest toward Macedonia to preach the gospel to the residents of that area.

By then, another man who would be important to Paul had joined the team. Luke was a physician and soon became very active in teaching and as a historian recording the events that occurred during Paul’s journeys.

Paul and his companions arrived at Macedonia and went to Philippi. Philippi was a Roman colony populated by pagans who did not care about God.

Some days later on the Sabbath, Paul’s team went outside the city to a riverside where a group of women were worshipping. After hearing the gospel, Lydia, a prominent merchant of Thyatira and her household were baptized. They accepted her invitation and stayed in her house for a period of time.